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“Exhale" is the new dance piece of Indra Dance Company.  It provides the audience with an opportunity to not only see a unique image of human behaviour, but to see it from a wide range of different perspectives.  As an individual, we survive and grow through our past experiences and interactions with other people around us.  Exhale wants to let us see the rawness of our reality - at the end, we are alone in this society, no matter how crowded it feels.  


“Exhale “ shows the vulnerability of individualism versus society. In this work we have been especially influenced by the illustrations by Khoa Lee in “En el Gran Océano” by Alan Watts. His reflections about how to trust your inner voice and that being different is okay. 


"Exhale" is more than a state or a need.  It is asking the audience to look inwards, to challenge their perspectives and to react accordingly. That there are more possibilities than just the one you see or the one society wants you to experience. It also reminds us to take a breath in our daily life and to be conscious when we do so.

On Tour

summer Tour



6.7 Tarragona, Spain

21.7 Schwarzwald Germany, 

Tanz - Kultur - Dialog 'Katalonien'

 Internationales Festival für zeitgenössischen Tanz

Open Air im Garten des Rosenhofs
Schwand 8, 79692 Kleines Wiesental 

27.7 Reus, Spain

4.8 Edinburgh, UK

5.8 Edinburgh, UK

6.8 Edinburgh, UK

8.8 Edinburgh, UK

9.8 Edinburgh, UK

10.8 Edinburgh, UK

11.8 Edinburgh, UK

12.8 Edinburgh, UK

13.8 Edinburgh, UK

2.9 Tallinn, Estonia

3.9 Tallin, Estonia

4.9 Tallin, Estonia

5.9 Tallin, Estonia


11-12th Innovations Dance Platform, The Studio,

Edinburgh (UK)


16-17th Danza en la Ciudad, Villa Mayor

Bogota (Colombia)


21-23rd, Workshop at Cía Gramo, Panama



14th "Gala Ballarins de casa nostra" Teatre Fortuny,

Reus (Spain) tickets


-Collide - Secret Pyramid   

-Primitive Equations - Demdike Stare ,  

-Joel Fuguet Margelí

-Resurrection - Hildur Guõnadóttir & Jóhannsson

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