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A choreography for Attakkalari center of performing arts in Bangalore, India.  This fictional story is set in a remote ancient village situated deep inside a valley and overlooked by a towering White Mountain.  The insular villagers who live there know nothing of the outside world and see the Mountain as a God, providing everything they need to live. The community is centered on traditional conservative values and strong rules that dictate how they should live their lives.  What is it like to live in a world with few freedoms but not realize you are restricted?  Can you have an inner yearning to explore if you don't know anywhere else exists?  How can you express yourself in a society that acts like one?

Premier November 2018 at Attakkalari, Bangalore, India.

Dancers: Aksi Dayanand, Amruth S Holla, Anagha Kashyap, Avantika Tibrewal, Chandana Phadkule, Divija Melally, Hari Prasad Bis, Henna Raisinghani, Krishnaskshi Goswami, Medha Chaudhari, Monica Agarwal, Nidhi Baadkar, Pallavi Semwal, Sakshi Kapse, Sakshi Saklecha, Samyuktha Manogaran, Sandeep Singh, Siddhhi Pillai, Sonia Soney, Surendra Tekale, Tejas Pardeshi, Tejaswini Loundo.

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