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Daniel is very experienced in teaching dance, having delivered warm-ups and company classes for Polish Dance Theatre, Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance company, Companhia do Norte, Simba Ensamble, Frontier Danceland among others... He has also delivered workshops for The National Ballet School of Belarus, Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Baletowa in Poznan, Poland, CCDC dance center in Hong Kong and the Dance Festival of Open Look Festival in St Petersburgh, Danzing Poznan, Poland, I-Dance Festival in Hong Kong. Tripspace in London.

Over the past two years, Daniel has taught the students of the M1-Frontier Danceland Pulse program in Singapore as an instructor. This has included courses in the basics of dance, improvisation classes, and contact classes.

Guest tutor / artist at NSCD Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK.

Teacher and choreographer for the popular Attakkalari center for movement arts in Bangalore India under the direction of Jayachandran Palazhy or D.A.F. Dance Arts Faculty in Rome, Italy, by Mauro Astolfi.

Teacher and choreographer for the summer 2019 intensive course ENDANSA'IT  of the professional conservatoire of dance of Barcelona, Institut del Teatre. Guest teacher at TripSpace in London, UK.

Regulary i teach at the national dance center Dance Base, City Moves, House of Jack, ACPA in Scotland where I am based.


Technical classes:

My technical classes are based on the Limon and Release techniques. I like to mix my classes using both techniques – the Release style allows more freedom of movement while Limon brings more discipline around shape and form. In my opinion, Release is more natural and free and helps me to see the potential of dancers in terms of their movement and dance. Limon gives dancers a more powerful body structure feeling the weight and gravity of your own body to reach the space. with both techniques with the goal of feeling free, in control of your body, and dancing! We will end each class with some choreographic phrases from my rep.


Improvisation & Contact Classes:

My improvisation classes help students to discover the space around them and recreate an imaginary world. The students will be guided to play and use different qualities and parts of the body they maybe are not used to working with. My aim is to get the students to reach into their creativity and develop their own vocabulary as a dancer.

With contact, students will learn how to use body language, exploring and listening to the body of their partner. We will build kinesthetic skills and new perceptual awareness through moving in contact with others. This class is great for people wanting physical exploration, embodied philosophy, fitness, play, meditation, and creativity. We will learn to access different body mind states internally and externally in space around us. Tuning our bodies to the forces of gravity and momentum - we let go of excess tension to find ease and vitality.

We will play with various improvisation structures, including elements of the Underscore, to build attunement. Our explorations will bring subtlety, fullness, and flight to our dancing. Classes consist of warm-up, exercises, movement puzzles, and jamming!

Creative Movement for Children:

Discover space, movement and rhythm through games and fun in this class for all children

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