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Premiered in 2015 during the Hong Kong I-Dance Festival.

This piece is a site-specific work, where


I like to play with the space to create a unique piece of work that is always different dependent on the site. I performed this in Hong Kong in a historial Chinese building but it could be recreated in any nice architectural space, an open park, or any nice setting. The audience is situated 360 degrees around the main performance area, with one exit for me to enter/exit.


This piece reflects the story of our lives: the places you pass through; the people you meet; and the life experiences that shape the person you become. From young to old. It is about the passing of time and how many different roads you have to take to reach your destination. It is also about looking at yourself from the past, reflecting on the sacrifices you’ve had to make to get here.


The Door has a symbolic meaning: Door as physical element of you dreams, your goals, your objectives... and the action in the end of the piece when I open the door, it means the end and a new beginning of your life adventure.

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