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Idyllium means situation of an ideal world where everything is coming from the best and beauty.

I create my own world of  human relations where the dancers are looking for the armony of the physicality and movement into this idyllic world. showing how powerful and fragile a person can be in any environment.

Concluding the night, Daniel Navarro Lorenzo presents ‘Idilio’ surprising the audience from the outset with imposing determination. The cast of dancers conquers the floor in a sharp line downstage holding off the vibrations of the soundscape inside their bodies. The latter replicates throughout the piece with razor-sharp precision Lisa Chearles Ming Huey undertakes the choreography with an animalistic approach bringing the audience to a genuine cheer and delight.

written by Ezekiel Oliveira 


Frontier Danceland PULSE Programme 


Lisa CH, Kimberley Chia Qin, Oh Shu Xin, Long Yu Ting, Kwek Yi Xuan, Megan, Cheryl Goh



Frank Bretschneider - A soft Throbbing of time


- 2nd July 2017, Youth Singapore Festival, United Square Shopping Mall, Singapore

- 17th & 18th February 2017, Leap 2017, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore



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